Merryweather Playcare Centre

Let's hear what our parents say about us

" Enrolling my son at the Merryweather was one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. My son has always loved his classes and teachers. This little young boy is genuinely excited to go to school every day because the teachers do such a fantastic job in keeping kids engaged and learning. I canโ€™t say enough good things about the school. "
Annie Chong
Aug 2020
" I am happy to see the children are enjoying themselves especially at their age. Merryweather really have knowledge to make sure kids learn to communicate and creative besides hands on learning. Good job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป "
Rene Pprsb
Aug 2020
" I always believe soft skills is harder to acquire compare to technical skills. My kids able to learn about all these from this centre, from self-take care, communication skills to problem-solving skills etc. I feel amazing when see my 5yo boy able to wash plates, fold clothes, sweep floor diligently. "
Yow Lp
Aug 2020
" In this centre, kids are freely playing with sand, mud, animal, water, tree. Daily routine revolves around creativity and imagination with games and friends. Next year didi will also follow gorgor to attend school. "
Aug 2020
" My son been studied here for more than 3 years. Happy to see the positive development on him. "
Nicole Toh
Aug 2020
" A healthy place to growth our child. If you wish to give your children a wonderful childhood here is the perfect place. "
Angie Leong
Aug 2020