Who We Are

Merryweather Playcare Preschool at Bandar Puteri Puchong

What is Waldorf?

Waldorf early childhood curriculum lays a foundation of lifelong learning for the inquisitive child. Activities focus on building trust for the role of the educator with the use of mindfulness practice, artistic activities, and a warm and healthy classroom environment.



Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner developed this educational approach in the early 20th century after World War I. Waldorf education aims to see the potential in each child as a fully rounded individual

Their self-driven learning builds a passion for education through artistic activities in all academic subjects. Lessons are experiential, not just studied, encouraging a student’s creativity, independence, and deep understanding of every topic they explore.

Nurturing the inner strength and potentials of each child

Merryweather Playcare Centre is a Waldorf / Steiner-inspired Preschool that was established in 2013 focusing on each child’s physical well-being and experiential learning in a healthy, happy and harmonious environment.

Our programme works toward building a solid foundation for future academic work by allowing children with time, space and play they need to realize their potential, to build their inner strength and emotional intelligence, besides strengthening their natural imagination and creativity.

Here, teachers and parents believe that children’s early learning should be enjoyed and not rushed through.

"The greatest gift a parent can provide, after love, is a good education." ~ Rudolf Steiner

the very nerve of education

The Need for Imagination
A Sense of Truth
A Feeling of Responsibility