" Throughout Xu Jing Standard One primary school life, I am able to see the difference in her compare to other kids, She shows a lot of interest in learning and with her good listening skill, she able to pickup the standard one syllabus easily without much supervision. "
Xu Jing's Mum
3 February 2020
" 我女儿今年6岁,在经过一年半的栽培,她从一个空闲时间就空白无聊的小孩,蜕变成一个能带领着弟弟把日常的用品靠想象力变化成一个又一个只属于两姐弟的游戏,画出一副又一副色彩缤纷的图画,妈妈真的倍感欣慰,更坚信当初的选择是对的,孩子就该在童年玩得淋漓尽致,而并非埋头苦读,共勉之。"
Yeun Shin's Mum
23 July 2019
" The center allows the children to learn at their own pace and emphasizes on character building, allows kids to have great imagination and creativity. Both my sons always have the passionate to learn and they learn to be independent and responsible from the centre. "
Foon Hin & Foon Onn's Mum
23 July 2019

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We're a Steiner/Waldorf-inspired Preschool

Merryweather Playcare Centre is a Waldorf / Steiner-inspired Preschool that was established in 2013 focusing each child’s physical well-being and experiential learning in a healthy, happy and harmonious environment.

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